1st October - Today's News

We start with the latest news from the Pacific and Indonesia:

Rescuers scour islands for tsunami survivors

Death toll in Samoas tsunami reaches 150

Earthquakes across Asia Pacific cause two disasters in under 24 hours

Second earthquake hits stricken Sumatra

Two South Pacific earthquakes unlikely to be connected, say seismologists

And whilst we're on the subject, earthquakes weaken distant faults.

But good news for the residents of Suffolk as Felixstowe 'earthquake' was a bomb - a WWII bomb, that is.

Other news:

As reported yesterday, Sydney had it's warmest September in 150 years but at the same time, Perth shivers through coldest September days on record.

Philippines faces second storm as typhoon approaches

Weather clears up in Beijing on National Day - though it's not clear whether that is just chance or because of weather modification


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