14th October - Today's News

Problems for the "Clovis Comet" theory as asteroid impact-driven climate change called into question - and I note the final paragraph:
But the controversy also says important things about science in general. Various critics of science argue that contrary views don't get published, or complain that historical science is immune to the sort of reproducibility that takes place in laboratory-based science. The back-and-forth here shows that neither of those appears to be especially true.
I think this is a debate that - like the "what killed the dinosaurs?" issue - will continue to back-and-forth for some considerable time to come.

Climate record from last 2.5million years may sit at surface of Allan Hills - which sounds interesting, though I do wonder how reliable the record will prove to be?

Whilst autumnal gales have thus far been notable for their absence in Britain, over in California the Strongest October storm since 1962 pounds Bay area - fuelled by the remnants of Typhoon Melor. We may see it turn more unsettled here next week, but at present the weather looks like holding for at least the start of the weekend with Saturday likely to be rather busy on the hills as folk make the most of the splendid conditions. I shall be up in Lochaber then, so with luck I'll be enjoying the sunshine and autumn colours on a remote Highland hill on Saturday morning too, though I have an AGM to attend in the afternoon. As I'm away from Friday, and likely to be busy tomorrow, this will probably the last news update until at least the middle of next week.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in America, winter hits Calgary roads after record cold whilst back in Britain they're asking blooming 'eck, what's happened to autumn? on account of how warm it's been in Yorkshire of late ...

And finally, new images of Pallas suggest that asteroid is actually a proto-planet


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