28th October - Today's News

NASA to launch a new sensor to study the Sun's sneaky variability - we know there is some variability in solar output and there are some who argue Sol may be more variable than we think, offering a possible explanation for Ice Age cycles. Although that's not - as yet at least - a mainstream idea. So the results could be interesting.

Statistics experts reject global cooling claims - and rightly so in my opinion, though I'm sure another 'statistic expert', Steve McIntyre, may beg to disagree.

Lightning, storms wreak havoc across SE Queensland

Chavez's new appeal to Venezuelans: save energy (and water)
El Nino is blamed for a lack of rainfall that is causing water shortages and starving the hydroelectric dams that produce about three-fourths of Venezuela's electricity.

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Staggered water rationing — by cutting off supplies to a district for a day — is due to start in Caracas next month and Chavez is calling on Venezuelans to conserve water.
Worth noting that hydro is a greenhouse friendly, renewable source of energy ....... except when it doesn't rain.

More water problems in Hong Kong where drought sparks doubt over drinking water

In Britain, a mild winter forecast as part of 'El Nino' effect - although the links between ENSO and British weather are generally considered a bit tenuous. El Ninos in the past have coincided with mild, stormy winters and cold, snowy ones. I don't think it'll be as cold as last winter (which wasn't really all that cold anyway) - but hopefully February won't be quite as mild either. Be nice to have a decent snowfall for a change though. One that doesn't all melt away after just a few hours.....

But for the moment, mini-heatwave fools daffodils into thinking its spring as tropical air creates balmy Britain - a big contrast to this time last year when many parts (not Evesham) were getting snow.

In America El Nino has a more direct impact on the weather and for Florida they're saying El Nino brings calm hurricane season but potentially hazardous winter

Volcanoes played pivotal role in ancient ice age, mass extinction

Previously unknown fault caused earthquake swarm off Oregon's coast

Fierce windstorm whips through southern California

Early season storm sweeps dust, snow across West

Farmers criticise climate change expert's vegetarian call whilst climate change to hit food prices, according to Friends of the Earth. £18 for a pint of beer? Oh well, at least with everyone else having turned veggie there'll be plenty fo cheap meat to go around! It's all a load of scare mongering nonsense, of course.

And finally, it turns out the Latvia meteorite impact was a hoax - meteorite stunt backfires on Swedish telecoms firm.


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