12th October - Today's News

Toll from Philippine typhoons tops 600

Winter makes an early start in parts of North America: storm blankets Neb, with first big snow of season whilst in Wyoming they had a 'winter wallop' and in Canada an early bout of winter slams through Prairies.

Armed police relocate Tibetan villagers stranded by snow

An image that's been doing the round on both weather and conspiracy forums made it into the national papers - bizarre 'Independence Day' cloud spotted over Moscow - or, in meteorological parlance, a nice example of a fallstreak hole, occuring in a general blanket of what looks like altocumulus, and spectacularly lit by the sun.

Forget the summer washouts, barbecue autumn has arrived - but although it's a splendid day here in Evesham today, I think for much of the week there may well be a fair bit of cloud around - especially over more northern and eastern parts - as some weak fronts slide down through the high pressure cell. Looking nice for the start of this coming weekend up in Scotland though - which is good because that's where I'm heading on Friday!


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