9th October - Today's News

Some warm weather in Austria of late, with some places recording their highest October temperatures on record, but now the Autumn heatwave coming to an end.

No let up in severe weather in the East:-

Japan recovers from Typhoon Melor as new storm forms

Tropical Storm Parma makes landfall in Philippines for 3rd time

Philippine mudslides, floods kill more than 160

A little controversial this one: last time carbon dioxide levels were this high: 15 million years ago. Of course, the last time temperatures were this high was rather more recently. Even if we ignore the entire Holocene, we need only go back 115,000 years to the Eemian to find hippos wallowing in a sub-tropical Thames ..... Obviously such warmer conditions then (and most likely during the Holocene) were due to factors other than atmospheric CO2. But just because it can be warmer with a rise in CO2 does not mean a rise in CO2 cannot also make it warmer. And likelwise, warmer conditions with higher CO2 may not be due to the CO2 itself - or, at best, only partially. We should be wary of drawing simple cause and effect conclusions when there are many variables involved.

And more controversy as scientists debate the extent to which nitrogen deposition limits climate change impacts on carbon sequestration


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