10th June - Today's News: Drought Declared in Parts of England

Parts of England officially facing drought conditions - the Midlands at least should see some decent rain on Sunday, but it looks like only a little getting across to East Anglia where they need it most. Not just the east though, the south needs rain too as Dorset heathland fire crews dampen down the biggest blaze for 35 years. Meanwhile, across the Channel, France pledges 1bn euros for farmers hit by the drought in Europe.

And whilst it may not be especially warm here at the moment, across the Atlantic extreme heat bakes East, South as D.C. soars to 102, tying warmest June day on record and record heat, storms wreak havoc on southern Ontario

N.D. breaks a flood record as the Missouri continues to rise

Wildfire battle intensifies in eastern Arizona

Six dead as storm exists Philippines

Rain, floods take their toll in central China

Australian resorts to open the slopes to skiers a day early - which will no doubt be retranslated by some as evidence it's an exceptional cold winter in the southern hemisphere, proving we're entering a new ice age..... So I'll just reiterate, they've opened just one day earlier than planned.

Hailstorm lashes Kashmir, cloudburst kills 3 in Doda

Monster volcano can be seen from space as it spits fire into the sky (well, actually, all that can be seen is the plume of ash). Meanwhile, this Chile volcanic ash cloud worsens airline routes after 15o flights cancelled

London Olympics 2012: air quality row may hit games while a US study shows that city lighting 'boosts pollution'.

Drying Rockies could bring more water woes to western US

And it looks like tropical storm Adrian in east Pacific to become hurricane. First of the season.


  1. I posted this to ukww, but it's worth repeating: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2011/06/volcano_erupts_in_chile.html

    See also http://www.boston.com/bigpicture generally.


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