15th June - Today's News: Solar Activity Fading: Colder Years Ahead?

Man dies in NSW storms, hundreds evacuated with flood fears as rain lashes down after storms break rainfall records on north coast.

Meanwhile, in the US, levee breaches threaten residents along Missouri River.

In Arizona, Wallow fire now biggest in state history

Thunderstorms bring an end to the hot spell and spark wildfires in Southern and Central Finland

The dry, the wet and the very, very hot - a global round up there from my mate Bren.

Now the Chile volcano disrupts flights in Western Australia

And Austria in twin peak climb-down - and there was me having already saved £2.37 towards buying them!

Black carbon study says Asian smog could be a thing of the past

And a report says European forests growing, good news for climate.

But the big news on the climate front is that Sun's fading spots signal big drop in solar activity - with suggestions that, as some outside of mainstream science (for example, the late Theodor Landscheidt) have been predicting for some years, we may be about to enter a prolonged period of low solar activity, similar to the Maunder Minimum. This occurred at the height of the Little Ice Age and produced some of the coldest years in recorded history for North Atlantic regions. It will be interesting to see how various aspects of AGW balance out with a reduction in solar activity - with temperatures drop significantly? Stay much the same? Or even continue to rise regardless? There are also new insights on how solar minimums affect Earth

And finally, the Moon to turn blood red this evening as UK experiences total lunar eclipse - and I just love some of the comments readers have posted below the story. They are winding us up, aren't they?


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