27th June - Today's News: Typhoon Meari Pounds South Korea

Typhoon leaves 13 dead or missing in South Korea.

Hottest day of the year yesterday in Britain, with almost 30c in my garden. Today could be even hotter that at the moment all eyes are on a mass of convective storms pushing up from the SW.

Thunderstorms and tornadoes to end heatwave - I'm not convinced we'll see any tornadoes, but they are possible, mainly I think in conjuction with any storms that develop on the could front that's pushing down from the NW today and overnight.

Souris River crests in North Dakota, surging past 1881 mark whilst in Nebraska, Regulator signs off threatened nuclear plant - though that won;lt stop the conspiracy doomsters who are already convinced the place has exploded, killed dozens of people and spread radiation over a large swathe of the USA (all, of course, being covered up by the Govt and media). But there are still warnings that the worst is yet to come with flooding expected to continue into August.

Los Alamos labs closed by large wildfire

Storm drenches east China while drought plagues northwest

Death toll from storm Haima in Vietnam reaches 16

Ocean currents spedd melting of Antarctic ice

New data reveals how storms are triggered in the Sahel

Six strong quakes strike at Ring of Fire in past week

And finally, this week's Telegraph Award for Journalistic Misreporting and Lying goes to ...... the Telegraph with a nonsense story claiming Met Office staff awarded £1.5 million bonus pot despite another year of bungled forecasts. As I wrote on UKww: "Just what you expect from the Telegraph these days - journalistic integrity on a level with Pravda.ru and as factually reliable as the front page headline of the Sunday Sport. And let's face it, if the Met Office got every forecast 100% correct for 100 years, cured cancer, invented a means of generating limitless free electricty, ended war and poverty and saved the Sun from being eaten by a mutant star goat, the Telegraph woud still slag them off"


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