29th June - Today's News: Record Heat and Rain in US

Although my highest temp of the year, 29.8c, was on Sunday, Monday saw the highest temp be recorded anywhere in Britain since 2006 with 33.1c at Gravesend on the Thames Estuary - a site which often does produce the highest temps. Higher temperatures may have be recorded elsewhere though on station which submit data only on a weekly or monthly basis.

Heatwave hits with Caribbean temperatures recorded across Britain - well, southern Britain. The Scots may not agree with that headline!

And there's a summary of yesterday's wild weather in the SE with storm chaos as heatwave ends.

Weather all back to normal today ....

Hot too in parts of the USA: in Texas, temperature records broken across Panhandle, whilst extreme heat breaks Tulsa record and in Washington DC, June more than 4 degrees warmer than usual.

Whilst in California, freak storm breaks SF rainfall records

And down in the southern hemisphere, freak cold weather grips southern Brazil (though I'm sure this gets reported every winter) and in Australia, Canberra has has it's driest June in 25 years and it's frostiest week in five years.

The Union of Concerned Scientists - critics of nuclear power - have reacted to the on-going conspiracy claims, stating Nebraska nuclear plant threatened by flooding is safe. But there are still more flooding woes along Missouri, Souris rivers. And while landsat satellite images reveal extent of historic North Dakota flooding, across the border, Manitoba town ready for flood battle.

New Mexico wildfire advances on on nuclear site

And experts warn epic weather ravaging US could worsen whilst we have advance warning that UN panel to release report in November on link between climate change and extreme weather. My guess is that at some future point someone will then find that amongst the data used to compiled the report was a bit from an environmental organisation rather than a sceptical scicntist - leading to the usual boring claims of corruption, fraud and conspiracy ......

Tropical Storm Arlene strengthens as moves towards Mexico - the first named storm of the Atlantic season.

Last week there were two killed as storm front batters Germany

Storm death toll rises in northern Vietnam

And more air travel disruption as ash cloud could remain over NZ until Saturday - but I've still to see any airlines claiming it's all a figment of the MetO's imagination!

Fossilised pollen reveals climate history of northern Antarctica: tundra persisted until 12 million years ago.


  1. You may already have seen this:

    "(Reuters) - An invasion of jellyfish into a cooling water pool at a Scottish nuclear power plant kept its nuclear reactors offline on Wednesday, a phenomenon which may grow more common in future, scientists said.

    Two reactors at EDF Energy's Torness nuclear power plant on the Scottish east coast remained shut a day after they were manually stopped due to masses of jellyfish obstructing cooling water filters."


    If it is going to be more common, it shouldn't be difficult to build some sort of boom to keep them out.

  2. I'm sure I've heard of this happening before.

  3. I may have, it's vaguely familiar.


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