4th June - Today's News: Death Threats Sent to Climate Scientists

This is both sad and serious: Australia scientists threatened on carbon research. They are no more responsible for (IMO disingenous, pointless, expensive and ineffective in every way) carbon taxes than Walton and Cockroft were responsible for Hiroshima or Chernobyl. But of course, threatening scientists with death because they don't tell you what you want to hear is nothing new. As Gallileo will tell you. E pur si muove.

Meanwhile, in the US it's interesting to see that likely Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney breaks Republican ranks over climate change

And just to really confuse the poor ol' Americans, researcher says climate change may be cooling California.

After such awful events in April and May, tornadoes move farther north in June while they're calling 2011: the year of the urban tornado, meteorologist says.

Intense rain causes flooding in western Manhattan - that's in Kansas, not New York. And as flooding continues across Montana, Missouri River levels expected to rise even more.

Heavy sandstorms cause chaos in Baghdad

African summit calls for action on rain forests - but they fail to agree a draft pact on the issue.

Geologists call for recognition of Earth changing 'human epoch'

Ben Fogle: why I want to buy Taransay - but he makes no mention of Uidhe bothy which he stayed in during his year on the island, which was originally rennovated and maintained as an open shelter by the MBA (at our expense) until permission to use it was removed during the filming of 'Castaway'. It's not been avaliable since. If he buys the island, will it become an open bothy again? Or a holiday home? We need an answer Ben!


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