1st June - Today's New: Was Blackpool Earthquake Caused by Fracking?

Interesting developments regarding last week's Blackpool tremor: small earthquake in Blackpool; major shock for UK's energy policy

British sun lovers enjoy warmest spring since 1659 - but although the next few days look quite warm, the rest of June is not currently looking very special.

In Florida, wildfires scorch state whilst the Horseshoe wildfire 5th largest in Arizona history and up in Alberta, wildfires still burning close to oilsands.

A study shows strongest Gulf hurricanes ease near coast while the National Hurricane Centre predicts above average 2011 season. However that may not be so bad as it sounds - the UK Met Office 2011 Atlantic tropical storm season forecast is for a slightly quieter year than 2010.

Steven Goddard has found an interesting report from 1979 predicting global warming during the latter part of the last century, followed by a 'severe cold snap' after 2000. Wonder when that's going to arrive then? He seems to think that this is 'real science' - as opposed to modern science which clearly is not 'real' because it doesn't predict such a down turn in temps this century. Hmmm ......

And at this years Hay Festival, volcano expert fears we'll see a super eruption this century. Now that would be fun!


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