14th June - Today's News: Missouri River Breaks Levee

Flash flood warning issued for Missouri after the river broke its levee

Over the past 10 days, floods, landslides leave 105 dead in China

NZ, Adelaide flights grounded again today due to the Chilean ash cloud. Quantas take a slightly different attitude to public safety than that adopted by Dumb and Dumber at Ryanair and BA. Maybe that's why they have the best safety record?

A bit more information coming in after volcano erupts in Eritrea after earthquakes.

Further aftershock quakes continue to hit Christchurch

Tornado hits NSW town

Worst drought in more than a century threatens Texas oil boom

Wallow wildfire nears Luna in New Mexico

Warning: extreme weather ahead says JohnVidal in The Guardian. But are extreme weather events become bigger and more frequent? Are we just more aware of them? Or, indeed, do we just have poor memories? That of course is one of the purposes of this blog, to provide a ready reference to past events, many of which are soon forgotten. It's certainly too early to say from my own experience whether there has been an increase in extreme weather.

New study of storm generation could improve rainfall prediction for West Africa

Chillingham cattle cowed by climate change - but are we sure no other explantion is possible?

In Britain, the National Grid predict that we'll see wind farms switched off on 38 days every year - because they're producing electricity when demand is low. But what happens the wind doesn't blow?


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