8th June - Today's News: Floods Follow Drought in China

Fatal floods hit southern China after prolonged drought - but was this rain partially human induced? It was earlier reported that artificial rain supplies dry up after a massive barrage of cloud seeding shells was launched to break the drought. Hmmm, I'm not convinced it made any difference, but this isn't the first time China has experienced extreme precipitation following a large cloud seeding exercise. In Nov 2009 it was snow.

Residents flee as Arizona Wallow fire grows - it's now the 2nd biggest in the State's history. And in the Midwest, hot weather causes heat warnings, buckled roads.

The drought is back, UK told - despite heavy rain in the southeast at the beginning of the week. I only had 1mm rain in the first week of June, although some showers today should top that up a little. And Jersey is 'far to dry' for bonfires says Fire Service.

These appeared on the Daily Mail website after I posted Monday's blog: Lightning tears the sky apart above the glow of the Chilean volcano. Meanwhile, Dumb and Dumber might like to note that volcanoes don't only target Ryanair and BA as ash clouds closes down airports in Buenos Aires although today some flights resume as ash effects ease.

In Tasmania, SES busy as weather havoc continues whilst in Victoria icy roads cause chaos for drivers as freezing weather continues.

Severe weather leaves 23 dead in Haiti

Sun wakes up from sleep for busiest sunspot cycle in years and threatens to disrupt Earth communications and power

Tropical forests 'better managed' but alarming levels of deforestation continue.

Jupiter's youthful travels redefined solar system


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