22nd June - Today's News: RIP Big Man

Back from Essan. No ticks, not too many midges, but I did get sunburnt!

Sadly, whilst I was away, the news broke that Clarence Clemons, "the biggest man you ever saw" and the greatest rock sax player ever, passed away. A massive loss to music. And Springsteen's concerts will never, ever be the same again.

Clarence Clemons, Springsteen saxophone player, dies

Bruce eulogises sax man Clemons at Fla funeral

RIP Big Man.


Weather failed to dampen Summer Solstice - in fact at Essan on the 21st the morning was gorgeous! Though I believe it rained in the afternoon, after I'd left.

After yet more disruption, Australia flights resume as Chile volcano ash clears

Tropical storm Beatriz weakens on leaving Mexico coast

Wildfire kills two forest rangers in Florida whilst elsewhere crews make progress vs Arizona fires but more blazes likely until summer rains finally come.

North Dakota's fourth largest city faces flood evacuations

China braces for tropical storm amid floods

In Australia, it's a snow go area: Great Western Highway closed as winds and cold front cause chaos

Causes of melting tropical glaciers over past 10,000 years identified

Multiple ocean stresses threaten 'globally significant' marine extinctions, experts claim

Fastest sea level rise in 2,000 years linked to increasing global temperatures - of course, some dispute that there is any sea level rise or, indeed, any temperature rise. Meanwhile, atmospheric carbon dioxide build-up unlikely to spark abrupt climate change, scientists find. And I agree.


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