25th June - Today's News: Nuclear Plants NOT imperiled by Missouri Floods

Water reaches record level in Minot as the Souris River peaks in N Dakota. And on the Missouri, floods spur wild rumours of nuclear plant perils in Nebraska - some good advice there about not believing the first thing you hear in the internet! Not that the tinfoil hat brigade will take any notice, after all isn't this just proof of more disinformation? LOL!

Drought alert and heat warning follows rainy June - though it should be pointed out that not everywhere has been wet and in Evesham, after another 8mm overnight, we have so far had only around 60% of normal monthly rainfall.

In the Philippines, 15 missing as storm sparks floods, whilst twisters rip roofs, uproot trees in Quezon City and the number of evacuees in Marikina reach 25,000

What's to blame for wild weather? "La Nada" says a NASA scientist

Northern Eurasian snowpack could be a predictor of winter weather in the US

Massive ice island headed for Newfoundland

Chilean volcano ash hits Argentine flights again while in NZ ash cloud remains, passengers spend weekend on ground

Experts say an earthquake surely will devastate the Northwest USA

Amazon faces fresh threat of deforestation

Local men join march against mountaintop coal removal

Why a warm wind from the UK could heat up our energy industry - Britain wants to turn Ireland into a wind farm!

Cryosat mission delivers first sea ice map

Sun and planets constructed differently than thought, NASA mission suggests

Giant asteroid to 'narrowly miss' Earth on Monday. We hope!


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