3rd June - Today's News: British Media Get Weather Forecast Completely Wrong. Again.

There's misery for the Med as Britain laps up the sun - but forecasters pour cold water on predictions of a sizzling June. Which is about as close as we'll get to the Daily Mail admitting that they published a false, made-up and deliberately misleading story - which, oddly, has now disappeared from their website to be replaced by this one. So bad was the original story that the Met office were forced to issue a statement on it. The Daily Telegraph however still have their original story online: Wimbledon and Glastonbury set to be scorching. Basically, a couple of warm days have been predicted by the Met Office, with Brian from TWO adding the possibility that at some time in the next 2 months we could see 33c reached. And from that they decide it's going to be a June heatwave ...... Which is bad news for those in holiday in Britain over the next 2 weeks as it looks loike being a tad cool and not especially dry. But good news for farmers.

Second driest spring since 1910 says Met Office is, however, correct.

Massachuettes emergency after tornadoes kill four, as with storm raging, a mother makes the ultimate sacrifice

Dakotas rush to build levees ahead of Missouri river flood

They've just experienced record temperature at 51 degrees celsius in Kuwait - after last year, I wonder how many more records we'll see fall this summer?

Brazil grants building permit for Belo Monte Amazon dam

Antarctic survey reveals rugged buried landscape

Climate to wreak havoc on food supply, predicts report whilst China drought raises questions about climate change

But, in contrast, top scientist says new solar wobble will prolong global cooling:-
....the Sun's position in space moves about the solar system's center of mass (barycenter) in cycles that repeat themselves every 178 to 180 years. Records show that this increased shift occurred in 1632, 1811 and significantly impacted Earth's temperatures each time. We are now in the midst of another such period that first began in 1990 and will run until 2013.
Which begs the question: when exactly is this cooling going to start? That's 2 predictions we've seen this past week from the 'anything but humans' brigade, both insisting that the past decade should have been cold. But the past decade was the warmest in recorded history. Hmmm.....

But maybe we should feel sorry for them as a study in Australia suggests climate change sceptics endangered!

And as the govt try putting a price on nature, I'm sure John Muir would have concurred that our green spaces are priceless


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