16th June - Today's News: Volcanic Ash Disruption Continues

Last update until later next week, while I go off home to Essan to feed the ticks and midges .....

As ash disrupts air travel in East Africa, it's been confirmed by NASA satellite that the Eritrean eruption is from Nabro - a volcano which has not previously erupted in modern times. Justify Full
Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere, flights to Tasmania and Perth have resumed, but the volcano plume is still affecting NZ airspace whilst a NASA satellite gallery shows Chilean volcano plume moving around the world.

And does all this mean global cooling anyone? Unlikely. Neither eruption has been big enough to cause any noticeable climate effect - though it has to be said that the Sarychev eruption in Siberia a couple of years ago was followed a couple of weeks later by a noticeably cool mid summer period in Europe and N America.

Pat Mooney, writing in the Guardian, says geo-engineering does not deserve serious climate policy consideration, and I agree - we've created enough of a mess as it is and there remains no certainty that any proposal made so far would even work.

No surprise that this week's news on predictions of low solar activity has resulted in the media asking is a new little ice age in store?

April produced a spring of extremes like no other in the US, with floods, drought and a record number of tornadoes.

The university of Southampton have been dating an ancient episode of severe global warming - the PETM when ocean temps rose 5c in just 20,000 years. And it now looks like we can eliminate orbital changes as a cause.

And even longer ago, after 'snowball Earth', new fossils suggest rapid recovery of life after global freeze.


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