6th June - Today's News: Big Volcanic Eruption in Chile

Over the weekend, thousands evacuated as Chile volcano erupts and there are some spectacular photos of Chilean volcano eruption. Meanwhile, in an unrelated event, thousands evacuated following earthquake in Chile.

In NZ, Christchurch hit by magnitude 5.0 aftershock

Also in NZ, warm autumn carves up ski season.

Arizona forest fire threatens town of Greer and others

3 days after tornadoes hit Mass., trooper rescues puppy trapped in debris

Not that anyone who lives there really needed telling, but rainfall in Scotland well above average for May

In N America, they've made a major step in improving forecasts of weather extremes such as floods and droughts

Will global climate change enhance boreal forest growth? Especially given that it appears carbon release to atmosphere 10 times faster than in the past. According to geologists who've been studying deep sea mud cores dating back to the PETM.

Computer simulations suggest that oversized moons like Earth's could be more common than thought.


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