13th June - Today's News: Chilean Ash Cloud Disrupts Flights in Australia

Christchurch rocked by two large earthquakes as flights in Australia grounded for second day due to ash all the way from Chile. One can only imagine the eruptions here if Dumb and Dumber were told they couldn't fly because of a volcano on the other side of the world!

Meanwhile, following a serious of earthquakes, there appears to have been an eruption in Eritrea as well, with reports Dubbi volcanic ash cloud expands westwards through northern Africa.

Yesterday there was water, water everywhere ... rain deluges parts of Britain (just as drought's officially declared). Or, as the Telegraph more soberly puts it, rain at last - but in all the wrong places. I think every spot in the British Isles has seen some rain in the past 24 hours. Although we only had 11mm of rain here (and another 1mm overnight) yesterday was my wettest day since last October. It was also overall my coldest June day (18z to 18z) on record. Garden looks to be drying out pretty quick though and we really need a lot more of that to make up the rain deficit. And the East which has had much less rain than us, had less yesterday too. Does look like rain or showers most days over the coming week or so though. Typically, also look cool and showery up in the West Highlands - where I'll be heading on Friday for my annual Essan workparty. Hopefully the showers up there might be of a thundery nature though.

In Namibia, where there was even snow in the Namib Desert last week, frigid weather kills elderly man. Worth noting that such cold is not quite as unusual in Namibia as some have been keen to suggest. Check out for example similar stories from 2006 and 2007.

In the US, Rockies snow decline bad sign for water supply

Venice to suffer fewer storm surges

'Controlled' power cuts likely as Sun storm threatens national grid - though of course there's nothing to suppose a solar storm like that of 1859 will actually hit us this week, next year or even during our lifetimes. But it pays to be prepared.


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