24th June - Today's News: Record High June Temperature in Japan

Earlier this week, heatwave grips Korea whilst today Saitama's Kumagaya sees 39.8c as heatwave covers Japan - that's the highest temperature ever recorded in the country in June.

50,000 flee storm in Philippines while Taiwan braces for heavy rain as Typhoon Meari moves north

Rain, less heat, help Texas douse wildfires

More evacuations in Minot as flood outlook worsens for N Dakota, while in Canada the CP cross-border track shut down and flood emergencies declared in 26 Sask. communities.

Meanwhile, Utah braces for flooding as high temperatures melt snowpack

Churchill Downs horse racing cancelled aft tornado

Here comes the sun - Britain to bask in summer weather at last. Apparently. What's all this sun we've been having this month then? Is my sunburn all an illusion? In fact all that's happening over the weekend is that in the south and east of England especially it'll turn rather warm, humid, muggy and altogether not very nice. And the north will be cooler and wet.

June could be the coldest month on record for Darwin, Australia as Top End chills out in cold snap

One I missed from the beginning of the month: cloud seeding forum held in Chester, California - so much for weather modification being a secret govt conspiracy, eh?

Channel 4 to hire first ever weather presenter - knowledge of meteorology not required, but a quirky camera presence requisite

Spectre of Tryweryn raised over Mid Wales pylon battle whilst the Welsh government restrictions on wind farms rebuffed by Westminster. Never thought I'd find myself siding with the Senedd!

Tsunami warning cancelled after quake near Alaska while closer to home Bovey Tracey earthquake shakes Devon.

Experts warn Chile volcano could explode again as ash causes more flight cancellations in NZ. And in Patagonia, 1.5 million sheep affected by volcano.

Meanwhile, in Africa, Eritrean opposition asks for international support as volcano kills seven

More evidence on the health dangers of coal as large numbers of birth defects seen near mountaintop mining operations.

It looks like a salty ocean lurks beneath Saturn moon Enceladus

And there's outrage as Lord Monckton calls Australian climate change adviser a Nazi. Of course, as we all know, Godwin's Law means that such analogies are usually a sign you've lost the argument. Oops.


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