10th March - Today's News: Canada's Warmest, Driest Winter on Record

It may have been a cold winter in Britain and Europe, but across the Atlantic things were very different and the Canadian Met office have announced it was the warmest, driest winter in Canadian record books and according to at least one climatologist, this wacky winter a signal of years to come. Good by me if that means Britain keeps cold!

After slow start, tornado season underway

Spanish snow leave 250,000 without power

In Australia, dams save border towns from big floods but in Queensland, fuel runs low in flood hit town.

UN to review errors made by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change However, in what to some may come as a surprise to some, China and India join Copenhagen accord. Not that it'll make any difference.

A nice question and answer session from the Washington Times, in light of recent events is number of earthquakes on the rise?

In Sweden, record sub-zero temperature suite broken (in fact, this week northern Sweden has been warmer than Evesham!)Justify Full


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