9th March - Today's News: Heavy Snow Blankets Barcelona

Heavy snowfall has hit parts of NW Spain and Southern France with Barcelona hit with heaviest snowfall in 25 years as a freak snowstorm covers southern France and one train stranded for 18 hours in snow.

Further east, Bulgaria buried in snow after blizzard

They're still short of the white stuff in the Pacific NW though and a record low snow pack in some areas of BC could means summer drought.

Woolly mammoth carcass from Siberia reveals information about ice age creatures - and not a tropical leaf to be found!

In Uganda there are now 300,000 homeless after landslides

Rain, warm weather, could spark US Midwest flood

Drastic musk ox decline 12,000 years ago due to climate, not humans

Chilean earthquake moved entire city 10 feet west

And there's global interest in Clitheroe's shrinking 'glacier'


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