17th March - Today's News: Cyclone Tomas Leaves Cikobia 'Like War Zone'

Attention today remains focused on the West Pacific where Fiji cyclone damage overwhelming, leader says, with first reports saying Cikobia left like a war zone. And as Ului approached Australia, tourists evacuated from Great Barrier Reef islands. Current indications are that it'll make landfall in northern Queensland at the weekend, possibly around the town of Mackay.

NASA's Earth Observatory website provides a mosaic image of cyclones Tomas and Ului

Drought continues to wreck havoc in southwestern China

NOAA warns of big floods after fierce winter - and when NOAA says a flood is coming, best get building your ark!

Is the acid rain threat making a comeback? Chemicals that eased one environmental problem may worsen another. Of course, the geoengineering proposal of spraying sulphur into the atmosphere to reduce global warming might also lead to more acid rain (as well as affecting the ozone layer).

In NSW, record rainfall last month breaks drought at Broken Hill, but less good news from New Zealand where cows may be killed due to drought in Northland.

Chile says earthquake and tsunami left 700 dead

And in the 'now it's getting really silly' category, cocaine users 'making global warming worse'.


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