12th March - Today's News: Amazon Less Vulnerable to Drought Than Thought

New study debunks myths about vulnerabilty of Amazon rain forest to droughts - which runs counter to controversial suggestions made in the 4AR ...... Ooops!

Snowstorms hit Mediterranean resorts leaving tourists indoors

Schools' record bid on weather news

Tornadoes, heavy rain and flooding for eastern U.S.

Climate change makes birds shrink in North America

Nearly half of Americans believe climate change threat is exaggerated. Only half? I'm surprised it's so low given that it has been exaggerated - by the media and politicians who persistently highlight worse case scenarios as the most likely course of events. However, errors in the 4AR were not exaggerations - they were just errors (or, in the case above, based on information believed correct at the time but which subsequent studies suggest may in fact be incorrect)

Did the Chilean quake shift Earth's axis?

Experts warn of monster landslides in Taiwan

Second only South Atlantic tropical storm: 90Q, moving away from Brazil

Texas earthquakes may be linked to wells for gas mining

US Winter and February cooler than average

More maize ethanol may boost greenhouse gas emissions


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