5th March - Today's News: Baltic Ferries Trapped by Sea Ice

Thousands of passengers marooned in Baltic ice - now updated as dozens of ships and ferries stuck in Baltic ice freed

Met Office seasonal forecasts to be scrapped
- no surprise there! However, the GloSea4 output is still available on the Met Office website. Based on latest output, it looks like had they issued a forecast they'd be going for a cold Spring but a warm early Summer. Sod's Law says that's what we will get.

Delta IV successfully launches with GOES-P weather satellite

Met Office analysis reveals 'clear fingerprints' of man-made climate change

Europe's western shores at risk of hurricanes in coming decades

In Queensland, locals evacuated ahead of 120-year flood, but one Qld pub has no fear of floods.

Hydrothermal vents discovered off Antarctica - about 1,000 miles off Antarctica ..... and although we've only now discovered them they have likely been active for tens of thousands, or even millions, of years (so no, they're not a cause of recent oceanic warming!)

It's now official: asteroid killed off the dinosaurs, says international scientific panel. Well, yes, it was certainly a factor. But I don't believe in simple solutions to complex problems and we know other, even bigger, impacts did not cause mass extinctions. Oops, I hope the panel took that fact into account?

And going further back in time to snowball earth: new evidence hints at global glaciation 716.5 million years ago.

Methane releases from Arctic shelf may be larger and faster than anticipated - and maybe why methane levels are on the increase again?

Flash floods hit Kenyan tourist spot

Clues to Antarctic space blast - dated to around 481kya

Although the current El Nino is not as strong as that of 1997/8, it's interesting that it's consequences are in some places more severe - Vietnam feels the heat of a 100 year drought while power cuts from drought will hit Manila

US enjoyed tornado drought in February - with just one weak twister reported in California on the 27th

Two killed as giant waves hit Mediterranean cruise ship - with Time asking how do 'rogue waves' work?

China looks to master its control over the weather - or possibly just mess it up even more .....

Taiwan earthquake disrupts power and rail But it's not Nibiru, it's not the End Times, it's just the Earth doing what the Earth always does.

Climate emails inquiry: energy consultant linked to physics body's submission - well, well, what a surprise. No wonder the IoP's submission seemed to lack appreciation of the events! It was written by a member of the Inquisition.


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