26th March - Today's News: Biggest Annual Fall in British Carbon Emissions

Well spring is in the air and the forecast for Britain next week is ......... more snow. At present there's a risk of quite heavy falls over higher ground in the north: the Pennines could take a pasting; and even some to fairly low levels further south though I'm not expecting anything to settle in Evesham. After a spell of more normal temperature it's going to come as quite a shock to many. And the Easter weekend doesn't look much warmer.

One important non weather related news: later this year the Times and Sunday Times website will become pay-to-view. It's possible the Sun may follow suit. Therefore I'll be avoiding posting links to any news stories from those publications from now on. Hopefully other media outlets will not follow suite as it will make accessing archive news stories somewhat problematic (unless they make older news items available free of charge)

One thing I was surprised to hear was that in 2009 there was a record fall in UK greenhouse gases - although it should be noted that even the government acknowledge that "The significant reduction in emissions would no doubt have been impacted by the recent economic circumstances".

UK homes must adapt to climate change, MPs say - the actual report from the Environmental Audit Committee (which I've not read as yet) is called adapting to climate change. I do agree that all new buildings should be constructed to be as energy efficent as possible. I disagree with installing better insulation in my own home though because that only works if you actually have heating on - and even in the past winter my central heating (set to 16c) was never on for more than a couple of hours a day. Just doesn't get cold in this country these days .....

Not news, but a piece from the BBC on the Russian appeal of 'weather control' containing a good description of how cloud seeding works.

USA Today asks what happens if the Iceland volcano blows? - the simple answer to which is 'bye bye summer 2010'. And the lastest news is of increased force in south Iceland volcano with enterprising locals now offering helicopter trips to view the eruption from the air. Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, air passengers were treated to a stunning view of Monserrat's erupting volcano.

In India, with temperatures of 37c and rising: heat breaks 30-yr record.

Is this is new species of human? DNA extracted from a finger bone dating to 30kya shows it belonged to neither homo sapiens sapiens nor homo sapiens neanderthalis.


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