1st March - Today's News: Over 50 Killed in European Storm

Atlantic storm kills 55 as it rages across Europe with eye witnesses saying 'it was the worst storm I have ever experienced'. Britain escaped the worst of 'Xynthia', however, sadly, in Yorkshire there was one women killed as downpours and floods hit UK while in the Channel islands, Jersey properties floodedin bad weather. Latest reports I have seen now put the death toll attributed to Xynthia at 58.

In Scotland, skiers lucky to be alive after being swept 2,000ft down mountainside and remote village cut off by heavy snow for 4 days - though Polloch is really just a handful of houses inhabited by forestry workers. Still, being at low level near Loch Shiel, it doesn't normally suffer from heavy snowfall. I wonder what it's like around Essan?

Deadly snow storm heading for Sweden

Chilian military takes control of quake-hit cities whilst Scientists defend tsunami false alarm. At least 700 are so far thought to have died in one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded.

Haiti flooding kills 13

There's a storm warning for drivers in the UAE

Don't beleive white lies, says Al Gore, record-breaking snow is due to global warming - or it may just be due to weather.

Snowpocalypse to snowicane: hype reigns in winter - and I agree, it's totally daft calling a normal winter storm a 'snow hurricane' just because it produces 70mph+ gusts. On that basis, every storm we get in Britain is a 'rain hurricane' .......
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Global warming likely to significantly affect rainfall patterns in the Tropics.

And finally for today, the Met Office has issued a comprehensive assessment of the December-January cold spell.


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