6th March - Today's News: Storm Causes Flood Chaos in Melbourne

In Melbourne storm causes mayhem as a thunderstorm drops hail and 33mm of rain in less than an hour.

Not a news story, but an interesting piece of commentary from Jeff Masters at Weather Underground: the skeptics v the ozone hole - well worth a read and my thanks to John Mason for bringing it to my attention.

For Scotland it's been the best season in 30 years as ski centres enjoy record visitors

Scientists misread data on global warming controversy - no, not that data, but the result of recent polls showing a decline in the number of people concerned about global warming.

Were short warm periods typical for transitions between interglacial and glacial epochs? And if so, is the current warm period on of these, indicating the next glacial is imminent? Well, not of the Milankovitch Cycles have anything to do with it. And anyway, I think it'll take more than my lifetime for new ice caps to grown on Baffin Island.

Hundreds feared dead following landslide in Uganda - caused by heavy rain. There's no indication as to whether the slide occurred on a deforested hillside. Further landslides wash away houses in Uganda, casualties unknown.


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