19th March - Today's News: the Multiplying Mystery of Moonwater

The multiplying mystery of moonwater - it would seem our moon is not quite so dry as we thought. Let's just hope the cheese mines don't flood!

As downgraded cyclone edges closer to Qld coast, in Mackay, cyclone causes cancellations - fortunately it looks like Ului will only be Cat2 on landfall.

Mississippi River expected to rise to 'major' flood stage in St Paul

In Antarctica, methane making microbes thrive under the ice - or possibly not. Basically they might. And if they do, then any methane they may conceivably produce may possibly be released into the atmosphere if the ice melts.

School canceled Wednesday in Dubruque because of dense fog

Early butterflies linked to global warming

Wind farm plans stir up storm over military radar

And even if you don't think CO2 is an issue as regards global warming, there's now a new reason to be concerned as research suggests urban CO2 domes increase deaths


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