30th March - Today's News: More Flood Threats for US East Coast

In the US, more flooding threatens storm-weary East Coast as a result of which Mass. Governor Patrick declares state of emergency; R.I. prepares for 'life threatening' flood.

And in Scotland, snow strands lorries on motorway whilst in Ulster there's heavy snow in parts of Province - and more falling now in both areas as I write. Ironically, here in Evesham we've just had the mildest night of the year so far with a min of 9.2c.

According to James Lovelock: humans are too stupid to prevent climate change

Odd cloud on Neptune seen splitting in two

Over on Iceland, cold weather catches under-prepared volcano trippers out and here's a view of the erupting Iceland volcano seen from space.

Undersea volcano threatens southern Italy - well, sort of. There's nothing that has changed to increase the risk, just we weren't aware of it before. The wall of the volcano might collapse tomorrow. Or not for 10,000 years.

Did climate influence Angkor's collapse? Maybe, it was partially down to natural climate cycles, but I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss human influence on the local climate either.


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