18th March - Today's News: Is Global Warming The New Apocalypse

Government rebuked over global warming nursery rhyme adverts. This story is actually a few days old, and I wasn't going to comment on it, but thinking again - isn't this another case of the British Govt doing what it has consistently done for year? Ignoring expert advice and lying to the public. And when the Govt lie and the Media deliberately mislead, is it any wonder the public have so little confidence in the science? Or maybe that's the point ....... Moreover, it seems all this is now affecting our children: is global warming the new apocalypse? Not having any children of my own, it's interesting to see what they are being told, and indeed what they think about it. Whether climate change is quite as scary as nuclear anihilation I'm not sure. But it's more likely to happen.

Devastation seen on Fiji's cyclone-hit islands

After a mild winter, a mild spring as Canada basks in record high temperatures; and the danger in Manitoba? Mild weather

With the Red River floods predicted to peak at the Weekend, Fargo a fortress of sandbags

Solar minimum won't slow warming

Expanding lake threatens thousands in Pakistan

Coffee crisp, kit kat, pose threat to rainforests - and thus contriubute to regional and possibly global climate change. There's rarely any need for palm oil in foodstuffs - alternatives exist - but it's a difficult substance to boycott simply because it's usually labelled as 'vegetable oil', which could mean anything. Any argument that palm oil production provides employment and income for impoverished countries is lost when you learn that it's big business that makes the money and, in any case, as well as money the locals also get extra landslides, floods and deaths.

The best way to combat climate change is to help countries like Indonesia avoid rain forest destruction. By any means necessary.

There is more on Greenpeace's claims about Sinapore based logging company Sinar Mar here. I am always a bit dubious about anything Greenpeace say, ever since the infamous Upsala Glacier debacle, and have further been critical of them for shifting emphasis away from rainforest destruction at exactly the time they should have been highlighting it's impact on climate change. But anything to stop the destruction has to be good.


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