22nd March - Today's News: Spectacular Fissure Eruption in Iceland

Now this is something I really would love to see in person! Volcano erupts near Eyjafjallajoekull in south Iceland. Spectacular though it is (especially at night) it's only a small eruption. The big fear is that it could herald a much bigger eruption of the nearby Katla volcano. And if that happens, we can say goodbye to summer 2010!

(Image from The Times)

An excellent video of the eruption filmed from the air can be seen here: http://http.ruv.straumar.is/static.ruv.is/vefur/innklipp_eldgos.wmv

It's an eruption I'll be following - with hopefully some friends heading out there to see and film it.

Also over the weekend, Cyclone Ului engulfs Qld coast and in its aftermath, clean-up steps up in cyclone-ravaged north Queensland

China sandstorm leaves Beijing shrouded in orange dust

And in America, flood fears recede in well-prepared Midwest cities whilst down in Texas they've had another blast of winter bringing snow that falls just short of setting seasonal record.

Wind contributing to Arctic sea ice loss - which is what many folk (AGW believers) have been suggesting all along was the reason for the recent decline (and why a recovery can be expected). Notwithstanding which, the long term trend is down.

UK weather: we're in for a sizzling summer say experts. Well, Jonathon Powell, at PWS anyway. After a cool spring, latest MetO GloSea4 output does also suggest that the early summer ought to be warm and dry. Though we all know how well that's performed of late!

Another landslide buries houses in Cianjar, Indonesia

In India, 43 degree celsius heat sears Ahmedabad; it's a 10 year record for March whilst over in Pakistan it's the hottest March in 50 years.

In the UK, wind farms produce 'fifth of expected energy' - no surprise for some of us there! Of course, the argument is that they're being built in 'unsuitable areas' - suitable meaning as far from civilisation as possible, necessitating hundreds of miles of new pylons and total tranformation of the environment. And all because no-one can figure out how to use the 'off' switch ..... Just think, if we could turn things off we'd not only save a fortune ourselves, but wouldn't need to subsidise the mass destruction of our countryside either.

Interestingly, in terms of future energy generation, cold fusion moves closer to mainstream acceptance - proof also that science does accept new ideas, when they are properly researched and presented.

And finally, from the 'isn't this getting all a bit silly now' file: global warming can lead to increased violence in human beings.


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