8th March - Today's News: Ugandan Landslides 'like Aberfan'

Welsh GP at Uganda landslides says it is 'like Aberfan' - and in a separate BBC report, it's stated that "Authorities have blamed the disaster on local people cutting down trees on the hillsides to cultivate crops" - confirming my initial suspicions.

More info from Saturday when some rather impressive super-cell thunderstorms hit Melbourne whilst elsewhere in Australia there's been $130m in damage and flood fight goes on.

Strong earthquake hits eastern Turkey

With a maxima of just 3.5c, yesterday was my coldest March day on record. It certainly felt like winter - and this morning it fell to -5.9c. No sign of spring here just yet! Nor in Europe where at least 7 die in snow-linked accidents in Germany over the weekend.

Bad weather blamed for Scotland having more people with ginger hair


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