29th March - Today's News: Gulf Stream Is Not Slowing Down

Latest findings show that the Gulf Stream 'is not' slowing down - so we're not all going to freeze to death after all. Meanwhile, the risk of snow for these parts has receded over the weekend, though it still looks like a cold wet & wind end to March. However, for Ireland, Southern Scotland, the Pennines and higher ground in Wales there could be a fair bit of snow over the next few days - which inevitably has been picked up by the media with snow forecast as British Summer Times begins.

Of course, the dismal weather makes getting up an hour earlier due to the ridiculous and illogical shift to Bloody Silly Time even more depressing ...... Sooner this archaic and pointless change was stopped, and we stick to Real Time (ie GMT - which by fortunate coincidence also corresponds to 'Z' time and UTC) the better. Another consequence is that all Met charts now come out an hour later and one needs to mentally adjust any forecast chart for the corresponding local time. Pah! And those who want us to move to Central European Time can bugger off to Germany - where they'll be delighted to discover that it gets dark just tha same time as in England. Or, indeed, go to Spain or Italy. Where it gets dark even earlier .....

Small garden birds hit by cold weather, Birdwatch finds

In north Australia, Cyclone Paul batters tiny Territory communities

Himalayan glaciers shrank 16% in the last 50 years - according to the latest report from the Indian Space Research Organisation.

Drought in southwestern China caused by climate change - say Chinese experts, although the news report dioes not indicate whether they mean long term, anthropogenic climate change or, as seems more likely, just the current El Nino.

World's iconic sites go dark to fight global warming - Saturday saw the 4th annual 'Earth Hour' when millions of people along with businesses and prominent buildings turned their lights off for an hour - and then bizarrely switched them all back on afterwards when many are totally unnecessary. I guess they all just have money to burn? Needless to say I ignored this pointless, puerile 'gesture' - but then, I only had one single (low energy) lightbulb on in my house to start with.

Leicestershire's weather watchers predict what summer has in store!

In Alaska, the number of summertime interior wildfires not tied to snow - there has, however, been very little snow up there this past winter.

Was a prolonged climate stress main reason for mass extinction 65 million year ago?


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