24th March - Today's News: Sandstorms and Smog Afflict Far East

Earlier this week, Hong Kong disappears in cloud of smog and Beijing catches breath after sandstorm whilst today Taiwan braces for severe sandstorm, may close schools. This onslaught of the Mongolian cyclone is natural weather aggravated by human activity - especially in this region, over-grazing/desertification and transport and industrial pollution. And with the world's biggest cities merging into mega-regions, one can only expect things to get worse, in all parts of the world.

Stone age could complicate N Sea wind farm plans - in fact, the wind farms could lead to a lot more remains being recovered from Doggerland than we would otherwise find. So might be a good thing.

In NZ, gale force winds cause havoc

According to WWF, reinvented cities could hold climate key

Precise model of tectonic-plate movements developed from 20 year study

Greenland ice sheet losing mass on northwest coast


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