16th March - Today's News: Cyclone Tomas Hits Fiji

Cyclone Tomas hits northern Fiji, with other reports saying there was panic as cyclones ravage Fiji whilst Fiji declares state of emergency for cyclone aid. Meanwhile, further west, Queensland holds it's breath as Cyclone Ului tracks parallel with the coast.

After TS Hubert, death toll in Madagascar rises to 28

Coldest winter in 30 years results in landscape burnt brown by frost - it killed the cordyline in my front garden and my pampas grass doesn't look too healthy at the moment either, but otherwise, no problems for me. Interestingly, despite only 1mm rain in the past fortnight the ground remains very wet.

Mongolia's harsh winter of discontent

Following the recent Met Office statement, issued in the wake of the media disinformation frenzy after 'climategate', now Australia's weather bureau backs climate change verdict.

El Nino and heavy industry leave South East Asia waterless. Not sure I'm too saddened by the palm oil crop being affected, indeed, I'd humbly suggest that deforestation to grow the crop is more likely the main anthropogenic factor making this drought worse, and not dams in Tibet! The dams don't affect rainfall, but a breakdown of the evapotranspiration cycle might.

Deep sea volcanoes play climate role - not by causing warming (as some have suggested) but by producing iron which in turn helps phytoplankton bloom and absord more CO2. Seeding the oceans with large quiet of iron filings has been suggested as one geoengineering soloytion to rising CO2 levels.

In New York State, cleanup begins in storms wake.

Finally hit the teens in my garden with 13.2c yesterday, and wildlife enjoys the spring weather as Met office say mild temperatures will continue. I did think the dawn chorus was a lot more joyous this morning!


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