10th February - Today's News: Freezing Rain Causes Problems in England

Disappointed with the snow (or lack of) last night - just 1cm settled and most had gone by this monring. Though we have had a few unexpected flurries this morning as well. Disappointed too in the lack of severe frosts this week - the colder air just hasn't reached us and we've been under grey cloud most of the week. Oh well, winter's not over yet so always chance of some better wintry weather (which for me means a light covering of snow on the ground, a hard frost and bright blue skies) before the Spring.

We did have a little freezing rain for a time yesterday evening, though not enough to cause problems. But further north, freezing rain causes more than 100 crashes in Cumbria.

Bulgaria faces further fatal freeze a day after Black Sea devastation

Danube river shut in six countries due to ice

Arctic cold wreaks quirky havoc across Germany

Heavy rain lashes western Sydney

Mumbai weather: city shivers on second coldest day in 10 years while Delhi shivers at 4c, lowest so far in 2012

British weather 'better than tourists think' says Culture Secretary - and indeed he's right: we have a pleasant, benign climate and little in the way of extremes compared to many other places - never to hot nor too cold (though some of us would rather it was more extreme!). And if it wasn't sometimes wet it wouldn't be such a green and pleasant land.

Deconstructing a mystery: what caused 'snowmageddon' in the US two winters ago?

NASA mission takes stock of Earth's melting land ice - with some media outlets ignoring the main findings to concentrate in the lesser detail that melting glaciers on the Himalayas not contributing to sea level rise.

Amasia: as next supercontinent forms, Arctic Ocean Carribbean will vanish first

It's now confirmed that Russians reach Antarctic lake in scientific coup

And what is claimed to be a 'woolly mammoth' caught in video in Siberia is clearly just a bear. In any case, the 'tusks' are completely wrong for a mammoth.


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