29th February - Today's News: 'Big Wet' hits NSW

In Sydney, state emergency service warns drivers of 'commuter hell' while elsewhere in NSW towns on flood alert as big wet hits. Looks like being a damp end to a cool summer.

In Cyprus, severe weather hits islandwide

Everest could soon become impossible to climb because of global warming, says top Sherpa - but when it comes to mountaineering there's no such thing as impossible. And lets face it, making the ascent more dangerous and difficult might deter some of the hundreds of 'tourists' who (try to) 'tramp' up the hill every year ...... Meanwhile, Nepal in new bid to finally settle Mount Everest height

No surprise really that University survey links Americans' growing belief in global warming with warmer temperatures outside - the percentage may well be higher now after a very mild winter for most of North America.


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