3rd February - Today's News: More Deaths as European Freeze Continues

Britain shivers at -11c as cold snap brings snow - there was a good covering in parts of Lincolnshire, for example, overnight. Temp in Evesham dropped to -7.1c - the lowest since the 31st January 2011. Still looking good from some fairly widespread snow across England - including the Vale - tomorrow night.

But we'll see nothing like they've had in many parts of Europe where cold weather death toll passes 100 in Ukraine and Serbia says 11,000 people trapped in remote villages by snow. Elsewhere, Cold and snow wreaks havoc over Sweden whilst Norway numbed: mercury drops to -37 degrees and in Germany, freeze deepens to minus 20 celsius and snow. As the cold spreads south there's also a Costa del Sol weather warning. And it's be quite funny if it wasn't, sadly, so deadly serious, as Mini names lethal cold front 'Cooper' in PR gaffe. But the end is in sight for some; temperatures return to near 'normal' as Bugaria's big freeze ends.

In the US, Groundhog Day weather, of not the forecast, pleases Phil's fans

And warm weather wreaks havoc as hibernating animals invade towns across US

Floods create 'inland sea' in Australia whilst in WA wet Iggy dumps heavy rain overnight

Bus floods during storm in Argentina

Tropical cyclones to cause greater damage, researchers predict - well d'uh! Of course they will unless we reduce the number of people living in places they hit.

And is this the real reason glaciers are retreating? In Chile, man arrested over glacier ice theft

Down at Vostok, Russian drill nears 14-million-year-old Antarctic lake

New super-Earth detected within the habitable zone of nearby cool star - but any life evolving there would be very different to anything on this Earth.


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