8th February- Today's News: Ice-breakers on the Danube & Britain Faces More Snow

Quite a shock this morning to see the latest model output and forecasts suggesting a spell of heavy snow here on Friday - still time for changes in that but it does look like winter is not yet done with us and this time we may not only get a lot more snow but also see it stick around longer. Whilst the media warn snowy blast to put Britain back in the freezer, the lastest forecasts suggest snowfall totals could be much higher. But news as a boy aged 10 dies as he play wth friends in snow. Meanwhile, UK freezes as night-time temperatures fall, though it's not been as cold as last week thanks mainly to more cloud cover (only -5.3c here last night).

And there's no let up further east as Ukraine freezes to death and emergencies in Italy, Greece and Serbia as ice-breakers battle Europe's big chill on the Danube

There's also been a new low temperature record in Azerbaijan

In Alaska snow load beginning to worry building owners

January was USA's 4th warmest on record

More flash flooding hits NSW coastal towns

Cyclone Jasmine battering Vanuatu's south

British greenhouse gases rise for first time since 2003 - and apparently it's all our fault for putting the heating on ....

An interesting piece on how the media manipulate the news and misquote out of context to convey a very different story to that supported by the facts: how the 'windfarms increase climate change ' myth was born.

Mars Express radar yields strong evidence of oceans that once covered part of Red Planet

And down at Vostok, Antarctic lake success 'uncertain'


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