21st February - Today's News: Thaw Brings Fresh Problems in Eastern Europe

Boats sink in Belgrade as thaw causes Danube ice chaos

In Finland, blizzard causes traffic delays

Mumbai swelters at 35 degrees celsius in 'winter'

Wild storms hit southern Queensland

An update in the intriguing story about the man who supposedly spent 2 months in a car buried in the snow 'he said he was living in the woods': shopkeeper - and had been there since last summer.

MPs back more powerful supercomputers for the Met Office so they can improve on seasonal forecasts.

Climate change increased likelihood of Russian 2010 heatwave according to a new study which finds nonetheless that the severity was within natural expectations. This actually confirms previous studies, such as this from NOAA which similarly concluded that whilst the heatwave was natural, climate change would mean such events occuring more frequently.

NASA spacecraft reveals recent geological activity on the Moon

300 million year old forest discovered preserved in volcanic ash

Ancient plants back to life after 30,000 frozen years in the Russian permafrost

EU to vote on oil sands pollution whilst climate expert says coal not oilsands real threat. But of course, it's not an 'either/or' issue - both are bad. Arguing it's better a stab in the heart than a bullet in the head is simply avoiding the issue.

Extraordinary pictures of solar 'tornado' as large as the Earth moving at 300,000mph captured by NASA satellite. I wonder if that's whats going to cause the mild temperatures in Britain this week? Or maybe it's why there weren't blizzards in NE USA (or, indeed, Britain and Ireland outside of the Scottish hills) at the weekend - as forecast by Piers Corbyn ? I think we should be told! Piers though is too busy complaining that he wasnt invited to the 'drought summit'!


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