4th February - Today's News: Rare Snowfall in Rome

Monday's main headlines will hopefully be about the snow expected across much of Britain - due here around 15z. -7.3c in my garden this morning but nearly -11c at Pershore and with cloud cover I'm expecting it to stay close to freezing all day. How much it warms up tonight and ho much the snow turns to rain later, remains to be seen. But I'm confident of seeing my first snowflakes since the 22nd December 2010!

Meanwhile, freezing Europe hit by Russian gas shortage

Snow falls in Rome as cold snap hits - their first significant fall for 26 years

And is climate change bringing the Arctic to Europe? Er, no. Well, no more so that it has been for millenia. After all, why would it bring cold weather to Europe in December one year and then February the next? Unless it's just ...... weather.

In Japan, record lows recorded at 38 locations - but I suspect these are daily records and not all time records.

Major storm hits Colorado, moving east

Snakes compete for rooftops as floods hit east Australia

Texas drought forces town to sip from a truck

Mega volcanoes 'may be predicted' - decades before they erupt.

And scientists worry Alaska volcano Cleveland could blow soon

Mars too dry for life

When it comes to global extinction: gradual doom is just as bad as abrupt

And this is sure to spark conspiracy theories about Atlantis, hidden Nazi bases and crashed alien spacecraft as there are fears for Antarctic 'alien' lake scientists - radio science just as they were expected to break through into Lake Vosktok! But it seems it's not true - there has not been any loss of contact with the Russian team. It's a typical, made-up, viral tabloid news story with no corroboration whatsoever. That won't stop the pureile speculation in some quarters though.


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