11th February - Today's News: After Record Snow, Record Warm Spell Hits Alaska

From one extreme to another as cold snapped: record warm Alaska weather out of nowhere

Down to -6.2c this morning in Evesham to give just the 3rd decent frost of the cold spell. But at least we finally have clear blue skies! Further east though, temperatures hit -18c with -15c and -16c widely reported across East Anglia and the Home Counties (other reports say -17.8c). In December 2010 it dropped to -16.2c in Evesham, the lowest temperature I have experienced.

Not as cold as Europe though where it's been minus 31.5 degrees in Austria with more similar - or lower - temperatures expected over the weekend as Russia, Europe freeze in cold spell

Europe's cold snap leaves many of Turkey's earthquake survivors shivering in tents

What does new glacier data mean for the climate debate? - it actually doesn't mean anything. Although presumably there will be no grumbles from the sceptics about the veracity of the data if in 10 years time it shows there has been a decline in the extent of Himalayan glaciers as a whole? It also (possibly) suggests that glacial melt if currently being matched by increased snowfall. Which in turn is suggestive of climate change and regional if not global warming.


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