24th February - Today's News: Warm Weather in England

Constant rain brings floods to Cumbria, while drought strikes South East threatening a hosepipe ban - the map is interesting as it just shows our little corner of Worcestershire in a drought. Which it is. Almost certain now that Feb will be our 16th consecutive month of below average rainfall. And as temperatures hit 18.7c in Coleshill yesterday (just 16.3c in Evesham) it was the warmest February day since 1998 as we went from slipping in the snow to sunbathing on the beach in 12 days

Meanwhile, yet again, landslip closes A83 Rest and Be Thankful in Argyll

In NZ they've had heavy rain, but still driest-ever February in places

Bolivia floods: emergency declared in Amazon region

Richard Black delves into the Heartland Institute files with confessions of a climate gate-opener

It now looks like just a mild drought caused Maya collapse in Mexico, Guatemala - not the more severe one originally thought


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