28th February - Today's News: Spring Thaw Brings Avalanches to Alps

Spring thaw triggers avalanche mayhem in Switzerland - with temperature being reported up to 23c. That sounds pretty warm to me.

Wheat planting in Kazakhstan threatened as dry weather persists and in China, millions thirst in Yunnan drought.

Flash flooding closes roads, floods homes in Victoria

Tornado watchers brace for active season after early, deadly start

More research suggests melting Arctic link to cold, snowy UK winters - though obviously not every year as we've just seen. It's not the only factor affecting synoptics and in no way guarantees cold and snow. But it may make such winters more likely than they would otherwise be.

Snow in Baghdad and other ancient climates - what's interesting here is that in Baghdad "Snow was reported regularly in winters between 832 and 998" but "Later scholars recorded no snow." However, rather than " support[ing] the idea that Baghdad, and by extension the rest of the Mesopotamian region, experienced the MWP as well." What this actually does is raise the suggestion that the region did NOT experience the LIA - else surely snow and cold would have been reported than as well? Or maybe later scholars simply didn't record such events .....


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