18th February 2012 - English Drought Concerns Grow

After a dry winter and no real sign of any prolonged rain for the early spring, drought fears in Britain prompt water summit, and fears of severe drought recall the summer of 1976.

Lebanon hit by extreme weather conditions including snow

Fracking contamination downplayed - basically the argument is that other processes cause contamination, so fracking is therefore no worse and thus acceptable. In the same way that because other people drop litter it's okay for me to do so too .....

And pictures of Uganda's disappearing glaciers - it's often forgotten that as well as Kilimanjaro, the Rwenzori mountains also have 'snow in the tropics'.

As Heartland Institute faces fresh scrutinies over tax status, we bring you the climate sceptics - who gets paid what? Just in case you ever wondered. So that's how Wattsy makes a living. However I can assure you that I have not received 1p from anyone for anything - not even the Hersey bar the CIA promised me for years of debunking chemtrails on internet conspiracy sites ....... !

And for a change, something new from me. I've often see conspiracists argue that Maggie Thatcher 'invented' AGW in order to push for nuclear power and help destroy the coal mining industry in Britain. A point along these lines was made in Durkin's controversial documentart 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' and in this article by Richard Courtney. It's absolute codswallop of course. And if you ever see anyone make that suggestion again, point this out to them:
  • Thatcher came to power in 1979. At that time we had 16 operating nuclear power stations.
  • Construction started on Heynsham II in 1979 and Torness in 1980 - but obvious they had been in the planning stages long before then.
  • The Miner's Strike was in 1984
  • Thatcher set up the Hadley Centre to research Climate Change in 1990
  • The last nuclear power station to be build in Britain - and the only one planned during Thatcher's period in office, was Sizewell B on which work commenced in 1987
  • When Thatcher was disposed as PM, there were still 16 operating nuclear power stations (Sizewell B not come on line, Heynsham II and Torness had but Berkeley and Hunterston B had ceased operation)
  • Since then a further 6 nucear power stations have closed.
So, run me through that again: she 'invented' AGW in order to justify building one nuclear power station, construction of which was already underway years before she set up a Centre to perpetrate the 'fraud' and which merely replaced another ......


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