1st February - Today's News: European Freeze Worsens

The latest from Europe is that Ukraine says death toll from cold weather at 43 whilst the European side of Istanbul paralysed by heavy snow and cold weather and Switzerland braces for Siberian cold front. Bulgaria's Arctic blast to continue until Friday (with a nice dig at the Daily Mail there!). The big freeze has also extended to Finland where there's been record cold in Kuusamo - though I think it's only the coldest of the winter. And further south, snow blankets Italy on coldest week in 27 years.

Here, the so-called big freeze continues as snow hits British coast - though to be fair, it's just been a few chilly, frosty days with the odd snow flurry. Sort of thing you expect to occur several times in a normal winter. Not much snow and certainly no record temperatures! There's still uncertainty on what will happen at the weekend but, although the Met Office said yesterday they expect Atlantic fronts to stall over Britain and for cold to continue in the south and east, it does look from latest model output that milder, unsettled, weather from the west or northwest will return next week. But, we'll see.

And here's a surprise: Russia cuts EU gas, blames cold weather - who'd have thunk it, eh?

Much consternation on WUWT after dead battery caused false near-record low temperature reading at Alaska weather station - with insinuations of conspiracy and fraud and questions over why they were using a top of the range Davis weather station that only had a minimum operating temperature of -40c ...... Some of the comments would be quite funny of you didn't realise these guys are serious! To the Daily Mail's credit, they at least reported the story correctly. Some US media outlets ran with the initial WUWT misinformation .....

Something WUWT probably won't be reporting is that Perth sweats through hottest January in 34 years (some reports claim 50 years). Though if they do it'll be to argue that if it was hotter there 50 years ago it proves the world is getting colder ....

Man drowns as rain lashes northern NSW

Fiji braces for new storm as death toll rises

Did plants freeze the planet? 460 million years ago... Obviously not if you don't believe CO2 levels make any difference to global temperature.

And these are well worth a look at: breathtaking images of the northern lights over the Arctic circleLink


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