14th February - Today's News: Dozens Killed by Cold Weather in Algeria

Cold weather kills dozens in Algeria

Mild winter breaks in US as central plains are hit by snow and freezing rain and east coast sees temperatures plummet - though it has to be said that conditions are only what would be expected this time of year and not particularly severe.

Russian cold snap kills 215 while in Belarus, Minsk struggles with coldest days on record

Some great pictures as Australian waterspout touches land

15 die as rainstorm wreaks havoc in Lagos

Madagascar hit by Cyclone Giovanni

West Iceland glacier to vanish in a few years - no suggestion made as to why this particular glacier is receeding quicker than others on Iceland

Even moderate air pollution can raise stroke risk

Darwin proved right on origin of life on Earth - it began in a pond.

An amusing if it wasn't serious story from a US shooting website 'Ammoland' claims global warming hoax - now killing people. It seems to equate homeless people dying due to the cold weather in Europe as being caused by us building windfarms instead of coal power stations. But I'm particulary bemused to see the author suggest scientists "should be driven from office, defunded, and chased through the streets like villagers in pursuit of Frankenstein." I used to joke that the anti-science mob wanted to do that. Now we know. I'm sure US religious fundamentalists will lap it up.


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