22nd February - Today's News: Flooding Hits Atacama Desert

One of the driest places on the planet, Chile's Atacama Desert hit by flooding as La Nina brings a month of flooding across South America

Drought may be new norm for UK, says environment secretary - we were told the same after the drought in the early 90s. It was followed by a series of wet winters and widespread flooding .... And again in the mid 2000s - just a couple of years before the wet summers of 2007 and 2008. Expect the same to happen again before too long.

In Australia 'mini cyclone' hits Maclean. I suppose it makes a change from a mini tornado!

Trapped Dalmatian pelicans hand-fed in frozen Caspian sea

Falling clouds could counter global warming

MPs warn over space bombs and solar flares

The moment BBC forecaster predicted "bucket loads of c***" over Britain - although in fact what he actually said was Kun, presumably because his mind was on the Man City game and he was thinking who his favourite player was .....

NASA satellite captures enormous 90-mile wide storm that's underwater! - our local river has hundreds of such storms in it, albeit smaller. It's just a large eddy current, probably made visible by containing an algal bloom.

And bad news for the anti-science mob - caught in the act: scientists discover microbes speciating


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