6th February - Today's News: England Sees First Widespread Snowfall Since 2010

Snow arrived in Evesham around 14z on Saturday and continued through until about 22z, turning briefly to rain on the back edge. In total there was about 4cm accumulation with 2cm still on the ground Sunday morning. My manual rain gauge recorded 14mm (15.6mm reported at nearly Astwood Bank) which suggests a lot of the snow may have been wet and didn't settle - due in part to our low elevation. By this morning, just traces left. Nothing special, especially by the standard of recent winters, But at least we've had some snow this year!

Being the first widespread snow fall of the winter (indeed, the first since December 2010), there's little surprise that Saturday night and Sunday saw severe snow and ice bring Britain to a standstill. Though even by English standards it wasn't particularly severe, and was forecast well in advance. The Met have a list of snow depths on Sunday. And today, as drivers warned after accidents due to icy conditions we're told it will be snow better for weeks

Record snowfall wreaks havoc as freezing conditions move west as the death toll from Europe cold snap passess 300 .

And some nice pictures from last week as Colosseum closes and drivers abandon cars as snow falls on Rome for first time in 26 years (as reported last week, it's the first significant fall in 26 years - light snow has fallen there more recently)

But there is good news for some as Arctic wave saves Czech ice wine production.

The Times is only available online behind a paywall, but the MetO Blog has conveniently replicated their version of a story from last week asking so do we freeze or fry?

In the US, storm blankets Nebraska after dumping on Colorado

Thousands evacuated from Queensland flooding whilst NSW on flood alert as 7000 isolated

Weather Channel's storm chaser among weekend Turner Turnpike crash victims

At least one dead in central Phillipines earthquake

Tree rings may underestimate climate response to volcanic eruptions

Artifical glaciers helping combat climate change in the Himalaya

And a new study suggests that land-cover changes do not impact glacier loss after all, though they do affect rainfall at mid altitudes.


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